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Smart Home Starter Kit (Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)

Aqara Smart Home Starter Kit

Smart Quality Life Starts from Here
Smart Lighting | Home Protection | Remote Control | Voice Control
Aqara Smart Home Starter Kit
Aqara Smart Home Starter Kit

Aqara Hub | Aqara Wireless Mini Switch | Aqara Motion Sensor Aqara Door and Window Sensor | Aqara Smart Plug

Light up your mood with a coffee maker turns on automatically every morning

Every morning, the coffee maker will automatically turn on. When you wake up, there’s always a cup of coffee waiting for you giving you a warm morning welcome.

Remote Alert for Satety Protection

Double press the Wireless Mini Switch to turn on the alarm mode of Aqara Hub before leaving home. If a door or window is unexpectedly opened, the Hub will give off sound and light alarm. Notifications will also be pushed to your phone.

Lights turn on automatically to welcome you home

The lights will automatically turn on when you open the door.

Turn off the lights before sleep with a single button

By connecting the portable and compact Aqara Wireless Mini Switch with Smart Plug, you can turn off the lamp that connects with Smart Plug with a single press easily. No need to get up.

Smart night light, caring for your every step at night

When you wake up in the middle of night, the Motion Sensor by your bed will turn on the night light for you, preventing accidents in the dark.

Voice Control

You can easily realize a smart home with your favorite voice assistant.

App Control

With Apple Home or Aqara Home app (iOS 11.0 or above), you can control your Aqara accessories anywhere and anytime.

Enjoy Smart Life with Ease

Accessories will be bound automatically. No need to add to use. Automation and scenes have been set in advance. Easily realize connected scenes and enjoy quality life with ease.

Aqara Hub

The control center for your smart home devices.
You can create numerous scenes by connecting it
with other Aqara smart devices.

Aqara Door and Window Sensor

Get real-time information about the status of your doors and windows. You can create multiple scenes by connecting it with other smart devices. If someone breaks in, notification will be pushed to your phone immediately.

Aqara Motion Sensor

Aqara Motion Sensor can detect motions of human being and animals in 7m with the angle of 170°. It can connect with other smart devices and create a wonderful home experience.

Aqara Wireless Mini Switch

Easily control other Aqara smart devices with a compact switch.

Aqara Smart Plug

Aqara Smart Plug can easily turn a normal socket into a smart assistant and realize remote control, power recording, timed switch, etc.

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